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NAAC Accredited Colleges in 2019

About Our College


Government Degree College, Teliamura is a centre of learning in the Teliamura Sub-Division. With a view to introduce higher education in Teliamura Sub-Division and to enhance the students with better opportunities, Government Degree College, Teliamura was established on 3rd August, 2012 directly patronized by the Govt. of Tripura. Starting with some basic subjects like English, Bengali,Kokborok, Political Science, History, Education and Philosophy with a meager enrolment of 316 students and few number of teachers, the institution is now proud to have more than 1000 students. In the next year of its establishment (i.e. in the year 2013), the institution also started Honours course in Bengali and Political Science. At present the college is having honors in five subjects like Bengali, English, History, Political Science and Education. The college has also placed proposal for introduction of Pure Science stream and Bio- Science stream.

The total campus area of the college is 1.99 acres. The college campus is located at Khasiamangal in Teliamura  and it enjoys the distinct position of being the only Degree College in Teliamura Sub-Division till now. The total constructed area of the institution is 11500 sq meter with a one storeyed building having 07 (seven) lecture rooms, 04 (four) other rooms, 20 (twenty) computers with broadband connectivity and one small library consisting 939 books. The construction of new classrooms is going on in the first floor along with one auditorium and one more seminar hall. The college has teaching faculty strength of 14 members including Associate Professors, Assistant Professors and Post-Graduate Teachers working on academic arrangement basis. Our dedicated teachers seek and try to yield young men and women of character and academic excellence. Our goal is to prepare students to face the challenges of life in the near future which will teach them to be job-oriented, sociable in every sphere and ensure optimism in them. Our endeavour is to take education in higher levels by practicing new ways of teaching the students. Our efforts are there for expansion and up gradation of the existing infrastructure.



  • Prepare students to be optimistic in dealing with the challenges of life and be sincere and honest.
  • Encourage academic liberty of both the students and the teachers to ensure a teacher-student friendly relation.
  • Encourage the students towards the use of new technology as a guide for studies.
  • Encourage students for social service.
  • Encourage students to understand their own ability
  • Make the students understand the true meaning of unity in diversity by propitiating them in the concept.
  • Encourage students to gain more knowledge.




  • Ensure students are having good relation with the teachers so that they can advance the teachers in their difficulties.
  • More use of the Smart class.
  • Encourage e-learning for students’ advancement.
  • Encourage the faculty for more research works so that they can deliver their best to the students.
  • Special attention is to be given to the weaker sections of the society.


Contact Us

Teliamura,Dist. Khowai,Tripura,India.
Tel: 03825 262 111/ 03825 262 833
Email: gdcteliamura1@gmail.com
URL: www.gdcteliamura.in

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